Immigration Lawyer in Scranton PA

There are so many issues regarding the immigration process and it can be difficult on families wanting to help relatives.

Immigration law can be confusing and complicated, resolving issues can often take time and the process has been proven to be very stressful for a family. Having an experienced immigration attorney allows families the peace of mind to deal with the many hurdles often facing them.

Gaughan Law assists in helping families understand the law behind the process and pledges to work diligently to resolve immigration issues as swiftly as possible. The firm will be proactive in the approach to immigration issues families may be facing and offer the necessary information and guidance.

Gaughan Law focuses on family based immigration issues involving petitions for alien relatives, visa applications, applications for adjustment of status and applications for naturalization (citizenship). Gaughan Law will also assist in handling the process for an individual to obtain a religious worker visa (R-1).

If you reside in NEPA, and your family or someone you know may be facing a tough immigration battle, call Gaughan Law today. We’ll help to minimize those legal hurdles in a caring, compassionate, informative way.

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