Estate Planning Lawyer in Scranton PA

The subject of death may be hard for some people to think about or discuss.

However, Gaughan Law realizes the importance of preparing for life events. Unfortunately, too many people fail to prepare properly and their loved ones are left to make difficult decisions once they have passed. Sometimes, it’s not just about last wishes family members had in regards to memorial services. Instead, it can be about money and asset division that can become points of contention within a family.

Gaughan Law can help to alleviate any strife within a family, as the firm is experienced in both estate planning and administration. Gaughan Law can help to direct in drafting a Last Will and Testament. Why is this document so important? It is a legal, written document that helps to provide direction for control of both personal property and other assets at time of death. In the event one dies with minor children, a Will can help to name a guardian for your child. There are too many reasons to list why one should have a Will. Gaughan Law can offer their expertise in drafting, notarizing and filing your Will properly.

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Gaughan Law can also assist with the review of a Last Will and Testament and can help you to make any changes necessary due to life events (i.e. marriage, divorce, the birth of a child, etc.) that may warrant changes to your Will.

In addition to a Last Will and Testament, Gaughan Law also has experience helping individuals to exercise their rights and creating a Power of Attorney. This is a written document that allows another individual to represent you or act on your behalf in private, health-related, business and legal maters. Again, no one wants to think about being incapacitated, but it is important to protect yourself and affairs in a legal manner.

In order for a Will or Power of Attorney to have any validity, it is important for individuals to act while they are of both sound mind and body. If you have children, substantial assets, or even cherished heirlooms, it’s never too early to think about having a Will to protect yourself and your family’s rights and guard against any unnecessary family feuds.

Not only should people be concerned with planning, they also need to understand estate administration. Property needs to be managed and distributed after one’s death. Necessary steps include probating the Will, taking an inventory of assets, paying bills and outstanding taxes, filing taxes, property distribution and filing a final account.

Put Gaughan Law’s experience to work for you when it comes to Estate Planning and Administration.